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Dr Nicholas Payne is a marine biologist based in Dublin, Ireland. His group mostly explore how environmental variation regulates the distribution and behaviour of aquatic animals. Nick has studied a broad range of species – from sharks to cuttlefish – and objectives spanning biogeography to biomechanics. His team often uses novel technologies to record the movements and behaviour of wild animals, and is increasingly interested in how such approaches can be informative for understanding species distributions, and thus for managing and conserving our fisheries resources.

You can see some of the Payne lab's key research themes here

hammer model_low res
Screen grab
Tiger shark tagging_Hawaii
Tiger shark tagging_Bahamas2
Tiger shark tagging_Bahamas
Tiger shark tagged_Bahamas
Nurse shark tagging_bahamas
Great white shark tagged_Australia
Nurse shark tagging_bahamas2
Great hammerhead shark tagging_Australia


Dr Nicholas L Payne


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